Engineering Continuing Education – What Is the Future of Engineering?

With the current down turn in the economy many engineers have loss their jobs or worried that they maybe losing their job soon. Budget constraints both in the public and private sector are forcing to think about how secure the jobs really are. But as we all know this recession will not last forever. Sooner or later the promised recovery will begin. The [...]

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Considering Options in the Engineering Industry

There are a number of branches of engineering and some like civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and aerospace are highly popular. Regardless of the branch you may be [...]

Don’t Build Fitness Over Dysfunction

Each day people exercise, and in doing so, unknowingly put themselves at risk of immediate or future injuries. The reason why is they are building fitness over [...]

Rebuilding a Human Organ in the Lab

For the first time, scientists have rebuilt a complex human organ, the urinary bladder, in seven young patients using live tissue grown in the lab , a breakthrough that [...]

Which Is The Right Career Option – Civil Engineering Or Mechanical Engineering?

Many young students want to pursue an engineering career. Some want to become a civil engineer and construct buildings & bridges, while others have deep interest in [...]

How to Change a Sailboat Engine in Just One Week – DIY

Changing the main engine of a boat sounds like a huge project. Cranes, plans, alignment, choosing the right engine, it can all seems overwhelming to the yachtsman. In [...]

Overview of Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

Introduction - in simple terms, SEO is the process of improving the number of visitors to a website via search engines. By optimising your website with targeted specific [...]